Expert Fire Risk Assessments in london, essex & Suffolk, Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Trusted Fire Safety Solutions in London, Essex & Suffolk: Alarms, Extinguishers, Fire Risk Assessments, and Qualified Consultancy Experts.

About Our Fire Risk Assessors

At J7 Fire Ltd, fire risk assessments have always been at the forefront of our mission. Since our inception, we have remained committed to providing top-quality assessments, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and more, in addition to comprehensive fire safety consultancy.

Our team of dedicated fire risk assessors extends their expertise to towns and cities across the UK, resulting in a diverse portfolio of clients. From offices and shops to factories and warehouses, as well as all types of sleeping accommodations, we cater to a wide range of industries.

What sets us apart from other fire risk assessor companies in Essex & London is our unwavering dedication to excellence. We take great pride in the work we carry out, striving to build strong and positive relationships with our clients. Our focus is on guiding them through every step of the process, enabling them to develop and maintain safety cultures within their premises, benefiting both their property and the individuals involved

Joseph Nunn
Managing Director

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Expert, qualified Fire risk Assessments in London & Essex for Compliance and Property protection.

Accredited Fire Risk Assessors within the Fire Safety industry, advising leading organizations on how to create structured and compliant fire safety cultures within both commercial and residential premises


From Fire Risk Assessments in London & Essex to Fire Evacuation Plans in Leeds, Consulting in Cardiff to Policy Writing in Woking.
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Fire Risk Assessments In London

Comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments: The Core of Your Premises Fire Safety Plan. We Utilize Government Format (PAS79) for Suitable & Sufficient Reporting, Ensuring Compliance and Peace of Mind.

Expert Fire Engineering: Designing Fire Strategies for New and Existing Buildings. Our Collaborative Approach with Designers Helps Prevent Fire Spread. We Create Detailed Designs, Calculations, and Diagrams to Safeguard Your Property.

Tailored Fire Extinguishers: Assessing Type, Quantity, and Location to Provide the Ideal Solution. Our Installation Service Aligns with Fire Risk Assessment and Meets BS5306 Part 3 Requirements, Ensuring Optimal Fire Safety Measures.

Comprehensive Fire Alarm Systems and Emergency Lighting: Design, Installation, and Commissioning for Enhanced Safety. We Supply and Fit Emergency Lighting in Accordance with BS5839 & BS5266, Following Fire Risk Assessment Recommendations.

Fire Safety Policy Writing: Creating Comprehensive Policies for Immediate Evacuation, Alarm Procedures, and Risk Reporting. Our Expertise Includes Identifying Safe Work Methods and Conducting Thorough Risk Assessments for Enhanced Fire Safety Compliance.

Tailored Fire Evacuation Plans: Customized Procedures Specifically Designed for Your Premises. Our Plans Detail Simultaneous, Phased, or Stay Put Evacuation Strategies, Ensuring Effective and Efficient Emergency Preparedness.

Professional Fire Safety Training: Empowering Your Business with Essential Staff Training. Our Programs Cover Fire Warden Certification, Proper Use of Fire Extinguishing Appliances, and Emergency Response Procedures, Ensuring a Well-Prepared Workforce.

Accredited Fire Risk Assessors: Expert Guidance to Ensure Safety and Compliance. Our Assessors Collaborate with You to Understand Your Unique Requirements, Providing Peace of Mind for Your Business and Ensuring a Safe Working Environment.

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