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Fire extinguisher servicing, maintenance and installation

Do you have the proper fire extinguisher on hand in case a fire breaks out right now? Do you have a service schedule for fire extinguishers? Are you certain that your fire extinguishers are positioned on the road to safety if you attempted to flee the building?

It’s critical to choose and install the right type of fire extinguishers to protect your property. It’s no different than making sure you have adequate insurance coverage — in fact, not having the proper fire-fighting equipment is ethically and legally equivalent to driving without insurance.

We’ve been attending numerous places to refill or replace used fire extinguishers; time and time again, fire extinguishers have shown to be essential to keeping a small fire from spreading and providing a safe means of escape. 

What do we include?

Installation and service of fire extinguishers is performed to the highest standards.

A British Standard Kitemark appears on all extinguishers.

All new equipment comes with a five-year warranty.

Work on installation and service can be completed quickly.

You will get a good deal for your money.

Without obligation, we will do a free survey and provide you with a quote.

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