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Fire Alarms

A fire alarm system carries out the invaluable job of protecting life and also property. It’s the most important alarm for commercial, public, and residential buildings such as shopping centres, theatres, museums, schools, colleges, leisure centres, nursing homes, hospitals, factories and warehouses, HMO’s, FMO’s, Hostels and many more.

If a fire breaks out on your property, you need to be certain that everyone will be safe. However, you’ll need high-quality, compliant equipment that won’t waste your time with unnecessary false alarms or costly maintenance requirements.

We remove any confusion and concern. We develop and install new systems as well as upgrade old ones so that you have peace of mind you and your premises have the earliest means of warning and detection possible. 

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights are self-contained units that are connected to the mains but have a battery backup that allows them to stay lit even if the mains power goes off. The batteries can be carried within the individual light’s body or accessed by lights via a separate connected circuit. The batteries are kept charged by plugging them into the network.

Current legislation states that the “Responsible Person” take into account all areas of fire safety inside their facilities, which includes the installation of emergency lighting systems.

In the event of a power outage, the escape routes must be sufficiently illuminated to allow a safe evacuation from the premises and to illuminate the route to be followed, including any changes of direction, changes of level, stairways, and final exit points both within and outside.

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