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Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans (FEEPS)

Every business, regardless of size, should have a thorough fire emergency evacuation plan. The plan should be a written document that outlines what employees should do in the case of a fire and how to contact the fire service.

It is your obligation to keep people safe if there is a fire if you are an employer, owner, or occupant of premises that aren’t a ‘single private dwelling’ (a private home).

Though prevention is always preferable, you are obligated by law to develop a detailed fire emergency plan so that your employees and the general public are kept safe.

What should be covered in your emergency plan?

A basic emergency plan should demonstrate that you have:

A fire detection system that is appropriate.
A method for detecting false alarms.
It’s important to know who dials 999.
All escape routes have a clear path.
Suitable escape routes and exits for individuals.
Escape routes that are well indicated and as short and direct as possible.
Easy-to-open emergency doors, as well as emergency illumination if needed.
Providing training so that your workers are familiar with the evacuation routes
Create a secure meeting area for employees.
Considered the needs of anyone who might be unable to flee quickly in the event of a fire, such as wheelchair users or those with vision impairments.

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